Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Deal: $12.96 Tickets for Dialog in the Dark discount password in Atlanta, GA

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Here are the Dialog in the Dark details:

Dialog in the Dark is a unique and interactive exhibit in which visitors are led through a pathway by blind or visually impaired guides. Within the pathway it is totally dark and the only way to experience the everyday environments simulated within the pathway is through senses other than sight. Totally dependent on their guides, the exhibit encourages visitors to reflect on the lack of sight and the social barriers it can create.

Regular Price: $25.92
Sale Price: $12.96

Dialogue in the Dark has two main goals. The first is to increase the public’s awareness of and tolerance for “otherness”, thereby overcoming barriers between “us” and “them”. Sighted people enter the darkness and, as they experience their own limits, they begin to question their assumptions and prejudices. Placing themselves in the care of a blind person helps people become more receptive to the strengths of those who are often assumed to be weak. The darkness becomes a place for unencumbered communication and a beneficial exchange.

Dialogue in the Dark

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Dialog in the Dark Allows Visitors to Experience a World Without Vision

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